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  • DO NOT send funds from exchanges like Coinbase, Poloniex etc
  • We do not recommend using Jaxx until they add full ERC20 support.
  • Minimum ETH to send: 0.002
  • Set Gas Limit to 120000, gas price at 30 GWEI
Platform that allows team members to become product investors by investing their time and labor.
Time left until Alpha release:
ITO scheduled to start Jan 15th, 2018

Solved Problems:

For Founders

In the current world, creating and launching a new software product requires the idea author to go through a series of painful investment rounds. That may require a lot of time, effort and sometimes money, which is better be invested in the actual product creation. In many cases investments do not happen, happen at the wrong time or with the wrong amount, or the process is not even started due to all the associated complexities.
In the event of successful investment, the founder essentially trades a share of his company for finances to be spent mostly on engineers, designers, salespeople and other knowledge workers that are crucial for the product success, and agrees to the rules enforced by investors. Regulations imposed and inability to give his team members more than money or dilutive options limits the founder’s opportunities and brings in the challenges of reporting, budgeting, and team motivation.

For Individual Contributors

Many individual contributors, such as software engineers, architects or designers, hit a “Glass Ceiling” in their current positions, where future growth opportunities are severely limited. Some of these people take an entrepreneur route, some change techs, companies, or even their profession, in order to raise the bar a bit. Unfortunately, in most cases, limits of growth for salaried persons, the absence of free capital, lack of choice and existing liabilities force them to continue to participate in the Rat Race, or just silently waste time waiting for the next paycheck. The vast amount of talent that is able and willing to create innovative products stay frozen due to lack of opportunity.
In a start-up team, the ratio of individual person contribution to the project success is unmeasured and the reward is mostly based on the agreements defined for several years in advance (like salary + traditional dilutive options with 4-year vesting and a 1-year cliff). As a result, rewards distribution to individuals is often unfair, unbalanced and is not based on how productive they are.

For Product and Teamwork

Every product is a result of the hard work done by a product team, and often an unbalanced team causes product delays, issues or failures. Sometimes management finds themselves in a conflict with engineering over the need to urgently add more features, changes in plans, or unnecessary overengineering. Often, conflicts are rooted deep within the structure and the way how individual contributors are rewarded and how much they could affect the future of the product. These conflicts result in slower speed to market, faulty products and damaged relations between team members.
Different sets of tools and processes between different projects, often being provided by different services, cause lengthy learning curves, lack of traceability and unnecessary mistakes, limiting team scalability as a result.

Dogezer solution

Dogezer will remove investors as "middlemen" in a project team organization process, giving the founder a possibility to execute the project using the balanced system of promises to team members, who effectively will be the product investors.

Dogezer will open an opportunity for individual contributors to invest their labor into one or multiple products they believe in, take an active role in ensuring the project's success and enjoy the rewards matching their contribution.

Dogezer provides an integrated and ready to use set of tools and best practices for a project execution. Dogezer minimizes conflicts of interests inside the team, ensures team members involvement and helps to build better products faster.

Key Features



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Dogezer PreITO conditions

PurposeTo get initial market feedback on the ITO campaign
DatesSeptember 1st 2017, 13:00 UTC - October 1st 2017 00:00 UTC
Payments Accepted InEthereum (ETH)
Payment MethodEthereum smart contract address is available at after start of PreITO. Any other sources of smart contract address are INVALID.
Token Cost0.002 ETH per 1 PreDGZ token (~65% discount from regular ITO price for DGZ token)
* Additional discount in a form of 5% refund is available for purchases over 50 ETH. Such refund will be performed within 1 week after purchase.
* Additional discount in a form of 10% refund is available for purchases over 100 ETH. Such refund will be performed within 1 week after purchase.
Total Supply2 000 000 PreDGZ Tokens
Token purposeTo be converted to the DGZ Token at ITO using 1 PreDGZ = 2 DGZ rate.
* Note the change in conversion rate to increase discount for preITO versus regular ITO.
* If Ethereum price would be established at less than 350 USD per 1 ETH at the moment of ITO, preDGZ would be converted to DGZ at the rate 1 preDGZ=2 DGZ. This guarantees the minimum 65% discount on preITO phase.
* If Ethereum price would be established at more than 350 USD per 1 ETH at the moment of ITO, preDGZ would be converted to DGZ at the rate 1 preDGZ=(New ETH Price used at ITO / 350) * 2 DGZ. This guarantees the minimal discount of 65% on preITO phase.
Information about purchaserDogezer reserves the right to demand any information and documents about the purchaser, which it deems necessary or appropriate to comply with any applicable laws. The purchaser shall provide Dogezer with such information and documents.
RestrictionsThe PreDGZ Tokens are available for purchase in any country except the countries, including its states, territories in or under the laws of the country, where (1) cryptocurrency or blockchain technology are prohibited, or (2) the PreDGZ Token can’t be freely transferable, or (3) the Dogezer platform does not meet the legal requirements of the country.

Dogezer ITO conditions

DatesJanuary 15th 2018, 13:00 UTC - February 15th 2018 00:00 UTC
*Please note: The change of the ITO date was announced on September 25th 2017
Payments Accepted InEthereum (ETH), other crypto currency
Payment MethodEthereum smart contract address will be available at 2 days prior to ITO start. Any other sources of smart contract address are INVALID.
Total Tokens100 000 000
Token Cost
Tokens for Sale94,000,000 - 98,000,000 DGZ Tokens, depending on PreITO performance and additional sales to big purchasers in a period between preITO and ITO
Founders Tokens0.5% of all Sold Tokens, vested over 3 years with 1-year cliff
Bounty Program Tokens1.5% of all Sold Tokens
Undistributed TokensBurned
KYC policyDuring the ITO, Dogezer will conduct Know Your Customer ("KYC") procedure for all of the purchasers of the DGZ Tokens and PreDGZ Tokens for a total value exceeding equivalent of USD 5000 (Ethereum equivalent).
This would entail the purchasers to submit their passport or ID photo and utility bill. A legal person should submit the general manager’s passport photo, their company owner`s structure and extract from company registry.
RestrictionsThe DGZ Tokens are available for purchase in any country except the countries, including its states, territories in or under the laws of the country, where (1) cryptocurrency or blockchain technology are prohibited, or (2) the DGZ Token can’t be freely transferable, or (3) the Dogezer platform does not meet the legal requirements of the country.
Token PurposeOne DGZ Token represents a number of the Dogezer Premium Licenses, according to the following formula:
Token Burn RulesDogezer will burn a percentage of received Tokens according to the following formula:
Token Properties
Escrow ConditionsTBD. We are open to suggestions on a good escrow solution. Mail us at with suggestions on escrow strategy and trustworthy escrow agents.

Dogezer team reserves the right to sell 2,000,000 of DGZ tokens to funds and big purchasers before start of ITO.


Alex Kozlov
DoLead, DoCode
Nikita Rams
Sergey Chmilenko
Nataliya Kozlova
DoPromote, DoSupport
Dmitriy Dolinin
Mike Sorokin
Daniel Savinov
Elizabeth Lebedeva
Arina Karpova
Dmitry Mokhov
Nikita Kozlov
Arthur Matevosyan
Artem Bolotov
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Sergey Sukov
Sr. Vice President, Engineering and Delivery at Guavus
Dan Khomenko
Financial / Marketing Specialist
Aleksey Gudkov
Legal Advisor
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Dean Karakitsos
Brian Schafer
Ryan Reynolds
Evan Weldon
Max Unger
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4.0 of 5
Risk score: LOW
Invest score: HIGH
8.31 of 10


Daniel Lim
Strategic Marketing Consultant
Rainmaker & Digital Technology Architect
"As a Developer, this is a dream come true, I will keep an eye out and either invest or make use of your platform for my own projects I am looking to collaborate on."
Christos Alatzidis
CTO @ BDSwiss
"That's brilliant and sounds definitely like a way that makes sense for engineers to go."
Flavia Oliveira
Business Adviser
"Congratulations! I think that's a great idea! It promotes innovation, sharing of ideas, knowledge and collaboration."
Danny Nemer
Senior Software Engineer
"This is quite interesting: ownership/revenue proportional to contributions to the project. Really interesting!"
Matthew Macomber
Independent Business Owner
at Cryptic Tek
"It sounds like a very useful platform and I can't wait to try it out the moment I can."
Hüseyin Terkir
Computer Engineer
"Freelance was a project that could solve almost any problem I encountered while working. It's also great to offer an integrated solution with platforms like Github, Slack, Google Docs."
Kenneth Cucchia
CEO @ Campus Credit
"This is so unbelievably thoughtful and creative. I couldn't put down the whitepaper. It sounds beautiful in concept. Now you'll find out if people will cooperate. When they do it will be lovely."
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